What is the EDU?

EDU stands for ‘End of Days Update’. Every Wednesday, Rev. Joseph Morris will be giving you information on current events that are happening in the world as it pertains to these last days that we are living in.

The EDU is a place where you can come throughout the week to receive up-to-date, end time information until the Lord’s return. Make it a priority to log on and get ‘the news behind the news’.

By reading blog posts from Joseph Morris and watching our ‘Video Updates’ on Wednesdays, you will receive a clear understanding of where we are in time and know that we are living in the last days.

Joseph has a way of presenting the exact signs of Jesus’ return for all ages to grasp! You don’t want to miss this short, concise video update every Wednesday. These videos will be archived, so feel free to stop by the EDU anytime to check them out.



He is coming again soon

Joe & Colleen Morris

For the last 25 years, Rev. Joseph has been traveling and ministering the Word of God all over the world. He and his wife, Colleen, minister in churches, Bible schools, oversees conferences, and other events throughout the year. Joseph has been featured on the God Channel in Europe, the Sid Roth Program, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), and on Iranian TV.

Their focus is on seeing people rise up and walk as sons and daughters of God. Preparing you, the believer, for your next appointment – ‘the reward seat of Christ’, and the coming of the Lord. As a believer listening to their messages, you will be challenged to use your God-given equipment to bring in the last days harvest and accomplish something great for God in your generation.

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